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Breast Surgery in Mount Pleasant, SC

Medical breast surgery is either referred to as a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. A lumpectomy is a surgery for removing cancerous breast tissue while preserving other areas of the breast, as well as breast sensation. During a mastectomy, all breast tissue is removed to prevent breast cancer or to treat present breast cancer. A mastectomy may remove one or both breasts and can be followed up with breast reconstruction surgery if a patient is interested. Both of these breast surgeries are effective ways of treating breast cancer. A mastectomy may be recommended if a patient:

  • Has tumors spread throughout the entire breast
  • Has inflammatory breast cancer
  • Has had radiation therapy to the breast

Choosing the right breast surgery in Mount Pleasant, SC, is simple when you choose to visit the experts at East Cooper. Our passionate and dedicated doctors work closely with patients to understand their breast cancer and suggest the best treatment option for them. Call East Cooper Surgeons to speak with a member of our caring staff about the breast surgery we offer at our office and to schedule your appointment with us.