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Cutting-Edge Gastrointestinal Surgery in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Your intestines make up the majority of your digestive system, with the average adult’s small intestine measuring around 20 feet long or more and the large intestine adding another 5 feet. These organs break down food, absorb nutrients, and help regulate your body’s water balance, among other functions. However, there are also many things that can go wrong in the depths of your bowels.

When you’re suffering from intestinal disorders, visit our center for cutting-edge gastrointestinal surgery in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The team at East Cooper General Surgery will help you determine the most appropriate treatment approach for your condition and do everything possible to ensure your comfort before, during, and after your procedure.

Treatments for Intestine-Related Conditions

While surgery typically isn’t the first treatment approach for intestinal issues, it is sometimes the best option when noninvasive approaches fail. At our center, we help patients suffering from a range of different conditions, such as colon cancer, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and familial polyposis.

Whether you need a colectomy, colostomy, or another procedure, you can rely on us to make your health our top priority. Schedule an appointment at our center today to explore your surgical treatment options.

Surgical Techniques You Can Trust

Modern medical advancements have made surgery safer, less invasive, and more effective than ever before. We’re proud to practice several surgical techniques to better serve our patients, including laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery, sometimes called minimally invasive surgery, uses a thin, flexible device inserted through a small incision in your abdomen or pelvis to perform operations. It’s a popular option for many gastrointestinal surgeries since the incisions are so small, often under a centimeter.

Robotic surgery is another form of minimally invasive surgery. Miniaturized instruments translate our surgeon’s movement into precise movement in your body, giving them a greater range of motion and dexterity without any large incisions. There is also a decreased risk of infection and complications. Talk to our team to learn more about the techniques we use and determine whether you’re a candidate.