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Skin Tag Removal in Mount Pleasant, SC

Skin tags are soft pieces of flesh-covered tissue that stick out of your skin on a thin stem. They typically develop in areas of your skin that rub together, like skin folds, armpits, groin, etc. Though skin tags are harmless, they may hurt if they are rubbed against or scratched. Other than that, skin tag removal can be performed for cosmetic reasons. There are a few different methods our doctors use to remove skin tags, including:

  • Cutting

Our doctors numb the area on and around the skin tag and snip it off immediately.

  • Freezing

Using very cold liquid nitrogen, our doctors will freeze the skin tag and it will fall off around 10-15 days later.

  • Burning

A wire heated with an electrical current will be used to burn through the thin stem coming out of the skin. This will singe off the skin tag and leave little to no scarring.

For skin tag removal in Mount Pleasant, SC, visit East Cooper Surgeons. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.