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Surgical Wound Care in Mount Pleasant, SC

Skin grafting is a skin transplant procedure in which a wound, skin cancer site, burn, or other type of condition resulting in skin loss, needs to be replaced with fresh, thick skin. During this procedure, healthy skin is taken from the “donor site” of the body, which can typically be the skin of the buttocks or thighs and transplanted onto the affected area. When you need surgical wound care in Mount Pleasant, SC, look no further than our medical facility, East Cooper Surgeons. Our top-notch surgeons perform skin grafting procedures to help improve or even save your skin.

A few common reasons people opt for skin grafting procedures include:

  • Deep burns resulting in damaged skin
  • Skin infections
  • Large, open wounds
  • Bed sores
  • Skin cancer removal surgery

Both the donor site and grafted site must be treated with care following the procedure. It is common for these areas to itch as they heal. We strongly suggest leaving these areas alone to promote healing and discourage any infection. Visit East Cooper Surgeons in Mount Pleasant, SC, for surgical wound care and skin grafting procedures. Call to schedule your appointment.